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Weekly Meeting Minutes

Ryan Jones from Advanced Cleaning needs a referral to people with commercial premises – businesses, malls, from small to large.

The Business Referrals Club  Successfully growing local businesses.

Ryan Jones - Advanced Cleaning

Ryan Jones

Ryan Jones from Advanced National Services. Ryan, a South African who loves his rugby union (are there any SAs who do not love the Springboks?) used to work as the Australia / NZ / SA  area director for Electronic Arts (those game makers). Now on the Sunshine Coast, a consulting job with Advanced 18 months ago now sees him now building the business from Gympie to Warwick. Malls, businesses, big or small. Ryan told the story of employees from Centerlink /  Lifeline, / Job Match where people that have done it tough get a chance to be employeed as cleaners. How they can be the most loyal and hardworking, and make what is a background low visibility job get his staff back their dignity and helps them with new skills. Do you know anyone with a business who needs premises cleaned? Or motel /hotel who need gunge removed from mattresses? Refer Ryan on 045 182 222.
Sales Training Event 12th
The event is published on Sunshine Coast Media (93.7, Channel 10) at, on Eventbrite. Don't miss this.

Geoff Whittaker

Geoff Whittaker

Geoff is going to be a helicopter pilot: Geoff, from Eclipse Property Managment looks after miscellaneous repairs and maintenace for real estate agencies, for investors and for those who want a "hire a hubby". Geoff trained as an avionics engineer on Boeing 707s, and flew John Howard and Kim Beazely; the Queen, and others. He has always wanted to be a helicopter pilot. When he has done his $70,000 of training, he will take you up (at $500 per hour!) Geoff has been on the Coast for 10 years, had a rent roll with his previous partner, but now focuses on fixiing things to get cash to fly things.
Robinson R44 - flying on rubber bands

Gez and Noni - PlayFitness

Next Week – PlayFit

Noni and Gez from PlayFit have a centre for people to loose weight, be their age. A number of club members use their lifestyle services; and are looking less for it. Zane Wood will explain why on the Tri-Nations Rugby Union is a schizophrenic, and Tony Wurth will keep the peace and the club on time. Thanks Edwin De Bruyns as chair. His quote was: "Take the time to understand what's behind your success. It's the best way to ensure it will continue". Stuart Levine 
Around the Traps
Guest of Geoff Whittaker was Natalie Jenkinson of 0417 717 337. Natalie has Eclipse Lawn and Garden Maintenance. Natalie is the current Australian Light Heavyweight Boxer, (2002 Video here) and competed in Judo at the Sydney Olympics. If you want to learn the Guitar from Rod Christensen, then call Tony Wurth who has a good guitar for sale. ($200). Edwin De Bruyns loves the wet weather – every cloud has a silver lining. TVs stop working, Edwin starts!. Want to launch a new product or company: Gail Lockyer Half Day PA will help resource your event.Need unsecured finance to $50,000 – Call Mark Lancaster from A to Z Mortgages. Need a cap for your business? Wayne Knetter from 4CP Promotions  can get quality embroided caps for $11 each. Donna Earley from TopSnap Photography mentioned Over the period from March 1994 to March 2012 the Australian housing market has averaged 472,504 sales each year but last year it was about 300,000 and the TopSnap franchises around the country did about 5% of the photos. Zane Wood from Woods Plumbing reckons that Leon Morse from Sunshine Coast Tyre has a tyre shredding machine. Every time he takes a vehicle in it needs 2 new tyres. Paul Brennan from Brennan Law would like referrals that want to sue others, or be sued.


Sickness and kids.  Kids (Helen Lancaster, Angie Roberts), Illness (Rob Sharkey, Greg Wilcomes, Eileen Middleton), water (Cathy Robinson – if she was on holiday then would she come?) Paul Alister from Alister Multimedia, Jennifer Mcgrath from Slade Property, Rod Christensen from Christensens Music, Mark Stephnes from BliBli Stationery,  and Stefan Boni from Elite also couldn't make it. James Maxwell from Reliable Solar is looking for some. 

Christmas in July (This one)

Saturday, 7th July. Bowls. Mooloolaba. 6pm. Barbeque. Instructions. Refreshment. Good fun. Be there.


Mark Lancaster, Edwin de Bruyns and Tony Wurth are catching up on Steve Ledger. Thanks Steve – you hid your paisley shirt and we didn't get a photo.

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