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Weekly Meeting Minutes

Need a new bathroom? Or does a friend need a new kitchen.  Get an award winning design from Eileen Middleton, and save 1000's.

The Business Referrals Club  Successfully growing local businesses.

Eileen Middleton and Leon Morse

Warm, Friendly & Modern

Eileen Middleton from Eileen Middleton Interiors has won 10 Australian Bathroom and Kitchen Design Institute awards, and 16 with HIA (Housing Industry Association). Her latest design was done in a rush (2 weeks) on Alexandra Headland. Her passion is to make the design warm, friendly, modern and cost effective. For some work she might have up to $25,000 of design, but save the client more than that working with a team of subcontractors that she has been with for over 6 years. Whether the design is modern and focused on 25 year olds, or for those much older, she ensures they get the design that says "Wow". Not just "its Ok". So when you or your friends on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Sydney or Adelaide want "Wow", phone Eileen on 0413 764 976

Mark Bradicich


Mark Bradicich, Consulting Electrical Engineer came as a visitor to a guest – Fraser Kearney from Skyhook, and likes the club enough to come back, and join.  If you have a business colleague / friend, why not invite them as a guest. Breakfast free.

Fraser Kearney

Fraser Kearney

Fraser Kearney from SkyHooks was a visitor 2 weeks ago, but liked it so much he came back for a second breakfast AND brought a guest. He and Mark have asked to join the club.


We had a number of apologies. Greg Wilcomes from Vanawatu, Maxine Field from Rarotonga, Edwin de Brynes (up the roof), Gail Lockyer, Jennifer McGrath, Josh Amos, Lee Priem, Gold Coast, the Lancasters (Brisbane), Paul Alister (lens cap), Paul Brennan (sued), Rob Sharkey printed, Rod Christensen oboed, Rod Hurst not fair, Shane Purssell surfing, Stefan Boni termited and Tony Wurth virused.

Outsourcing to someone in the globe has always been available but there are websites that make it very simple. Lets say you want a new logo, or some ideas for your website, or a new brochure. You can go to Rob Sharkey, Wayne Knetter, Rod Hurst, Steve Ledger, Paul Alister, but our club members also compete with sites such as,,, and a host of others. For example, I wanted to get a couple of images for a facebook page for a business, so I turned first to $5 (that is five dollars US, or $4.95) and 10 minutes of a short brief, and 48 hours later I had a a couple of designs which helped sort out some ideas. If you want a banner or stickers, then Wayne or Rob, or Rod will be the one to go for as they will ask you and give you something these other sites don't – personal service and a good conversation.
Want a LinkedIn or a Facebook page or newsletter template done? Or get a caricature done of you to put onto your card / website / Google Places.
Here's one for $5.
"I will analyze ,at least, 5 competitors. I will look at local, national and global competitors. Not only will I tell you who they are but I will pinpoint a few advantages and disadvantages that they have versus your business"

Geoff Whittaker

Who Is this?

Unmistakeably Geoff Whittaker from Eclipse Maintenance. Geoff was brought up by cafe /shop keepers in the Riverina in NSW, and joined the airforce as an avionics engineer on Boeing 707 cargo/ refuelers.6 years with 2 tours of duty in Kurkistan providing support for troops in Afghanistan. He taught avionics for 2 years after that and moved to the Sunshine Coast in 2005. Built a rent roll, but personal circumstances changed that. He was a stay at home dad for a year. His passion is scuba diving and helicopter pilot training, so all his property maintenance hours goes to support those passions.

Wayne Knetter and Bruce Bruce

Something New

Neil Dickinson from North Coast AutoBrokers – new cars, used cars – he will find the car for you. As the Chair, he asked people in 10 seconds what would be new in your business this year.
Amanda Surridge – sale of essential oils; Bryan Bruce – hand painted signs on rough walls; Cath Robinson – the search Google of travel; Colin Burke – a new Panasonic pbx, Donna Earley, new referrals and networking groups, Geoff Whittaker will use SMS to keep his rental managers in the loop. Graham McIntrye will be providing consultancy advice with the change in legislation. Hugh – join a "Start Grow Exit" focused global consulting group. Jeremy Hunter – more time in the USA. Ricky from PlayFitness, functional training – using the body to restore functions. Simon Morgan Hendrey Chiropractic will be focused on knees. Fixing them. Tony Jannides will get a website. Steve Ledger to launch his FirstInn website.Fraser Kearney will do more marketing and referrals.

5 Tips for Great Referrals

Wayne Knetter and Bryan Bruce know all about referrals – as 2 of the longest serving members of the club!
As we all know, word of mouth is the best form of advertising and of course, the most cost effective. The following are 5 factors to considers to get more word of mouth referrals for your business:

  1. Communication – contact with your customers must be courteous  and knowledgeable which goes without saying but   it is important to remember it is also communication with everyone who comes into contact with your business including employees and suppliers. From the receptionist to the owner or manager – outstanding communication is vital within a business.
  2. Consistency – businesses with documented systems and processes are better placed to provide a consistent experience for the customer.  Consumers usually have expectations about how they like to be treated by businesses and consistency with their experience is very important.
  3. Client Care – customer’s problems must be addressed and  solved  with a minimum of effort on the customer’s  part  and in a timely fashion.
  4. Value – the value of the product or service you provide  must meet or exceed your customer’s expectations  If you want them to spread the good news about  your business. A good maxim for businesses to live  by is to under promise and over deliver.
  5. Integrity – trust takes time and is earned continuously but it  can be lost in an instant. Mistakes should be admitted and corrected quickly, complaints addressed and solved quickly and show respect to all  you come in contact with.

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