Business Referral Club, Sunshine Coast
Be Informed, Be Referred

The Business Referrals Club has been successfully growing local businesses on the Sunshine Coast for several years, through providing a proven, effective forum helping its member’s share qualified business referrals and develop cost effective word-of-mouth advertising for their businesses.
Here is a video of a event the Club organised with Leah Squire of BYO Kids. The topic was marketing on a shoestring, or in Leah Squire’s instance, not money.

A guiding principle of the Business Referrals Club is that there will be only one member from each type of business trade, profession or occupation, allowing members to maximise business referral opportunities.

Come and join us every Thursday morning from 7am till 8:20 at Headland Golf Club. Guests welcome. Benefits of membership:

  • Grow your business
  • Exchange qualified business referrals
  • Meet new contacts and understand mutual connections you may have
  • Develop cost effective word-of-mouth advertising
  • Speaking opportunities
  • Motivation and support
  • Grow your profits
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“We meet in a spirit of co-operation so that we can develop the knowledge and trust to promote each others businesses.We are committed to honouring any business referral we are given, and undertake to make business referrals a part of our everyday business practice. We understand that if we help someone else, we will benefit ourselves.”

– The Business Referrals Club Manifesto